The importance of quality systematically adopt to reduce the administrative slack and corruption

Today , Opened the Syrian Scientific for quality national the twentieth ,entitled "Quality " perfection , renews , continuity . On the occasion of the national day of quality , in the Umayyad Hall Al-sham hotel in Damascus .

Quality1 28 11 2016

Quality2 28 11 2016








The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral resources eng, Ali Suleiman Ghanem in a speech confirmed that the quality is style of life and work not as just only get it by certificate but the upgrade to be achieved through the accumulation of all what we are doing and taking into account the requirements of the concerned either staff or dealers or individuals in society, indicating that this day is an opportunity to strengthen the foundations of quality among decision –makers and workers and an opportunity for professionals and administrators in the private and public sector institutions. To celebrate all achievements which have been fulfilled , to increase awareness of the modalities for the quality control systems.

And the minister Ghanem pointed out that it has become necessary for managers adhere approach depends on the quality and should be doubled because of the challenges on Syria. by a catalyst for our domestic institutions to follow the scientific approach conscious to face all these challenges, explaining that many of the institutions of the Syrian- quality approach adopted , and qualified for international quality mark and said that a large confidence in all our stuff , and readiness to upgrade in all our productive and service quality and the adoption of an approach to reach the level of demonstrated by our valiant battlefields of the ingenuity and stunned the world during this unjust war on Syria , in support of our military tactics to support repatriation stuffs, contribute to return security and safe life and to reconstruct, of all what had been destroyed by the hand of treachery and conspiracy".


The minister confirmed Ghanem government attention and support for the adoption of an approach to the quality of performance and production in the face of weakness and corruption, pointing out that the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources as part of the executive authority started since years the application of quality systems in public companies operating and there is ongoing cooperation with the Syrian informed consent and quality and ISO Sirt rehabilitation and training for cadres of the Ministry and its institutions on quality management system.

In turn, head of the Syrian Scientific quality HishamKeheil from that reconstructing the ruined by terrorism are not only the right action and performance standards organization calling to put the basic principles for the elaboration of a national strategy to combat corruption through the "serious will to strengthen the anti-corruption law and establish the principles of integrity at the personal and institutional transparency and accountability and the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary and community participation".

He clarified Kahil, that the Syrian Scientific quality as one of the organizations of civil society development in Syria puts all its abilities and experiences to rebuild and restructuring of institutions and industrial enterprises, commercial and service calling on Syrian associations development to meet the call to work under one umbrella to spread the culture of quality and substance of the life of society and contribute to the building of the homeland.

On its part, the member of the Governing Council of the Damascus chamber of industry and MarwaAlaytoni that Damascus chamber of industry would invite all industrialists to seek a national prize for the quality of will launched with the aim of raising the level of quality and efficiency, productivity in various sectors in Syria to honor the best of performance which achieved the highest levels of quality, indicating that the members of the Damascus chamber of industry and will work on the implementation of the systems of quality management in their companies and institutions with a view to increasing consumer satisfaction as a passport to world markets.

The participants in the symposium introduced the recommendations and proposals of the several and discussed with the minister Ghanem focused on Launching national campaign for quality and that there be a prize of the institutions to which they apply and the quality standards and distinctiveness and a culture of innovation and invention and inventors the Syrians and the building of a database on the level of Syria containing the companies and products which received the quality standards and accessible to all, especially the beneficiaries.

Also, the participants recommended the dissemination of a culture of quality in the customers individuals and companies and the establishment of the fund for the prize of excellence and quality aimed at securing the necessary funding for the prize by giving a budget from the government and donations from individuals and companies and the emphasis on the importance of the rehabilitation and training to raise the level of cadres and the FDA Syria be responsible for achieving quality in pharmaceutical industries and nutrition.

In the end minister Ghanem,generositied the President of the Syrian Scientific quality companies and sponsors of the symposium and the overall company for oil services company and hysco of engineering and construction company and ISO Sirt, Mekkiinstitutefor Food Industries Chamber of Industry Damascus.

In a statement by the Director of the comprehensive company for oil services Eyed Mohamed of the importance of the symposium in disseminating the culture of quality and the way of life and excellence in order to complete the work diligently and improve the performance of the Syrian institutions.

The seminar aims at the twentieth national quality to stimulate Syrian institutions to adopt mastery for the products and services of quality and work on the development of the operations and excellence in performance in line with changes in the management systems and the adoption of the management of continuity in the face of war on Syria and the strengthening of competitiveness through the adoption of a national prize for quality distinguished institutions



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